About the Author

Hello (*^^*)

What can I say about myself that won’t get me into trouble… I like to write ;p I’m a sociable introvert. Bugs and I have a semi-tolerable relationship and squirrels have a love/squish infatuation with my car. I have three children and three ferrets, and grew up on an island. I am not a facebook, Instagram, or Twitter person. I have a facebook page, but I haven’t been on that thing since I created the account. So much pressure to think of something clever…or to think of something to say…or to ‘like’ something someone has posted. So much responsibility.

Talking about myself is pretty awkward, too… Man, you realize just how boring you are when you have to think about things you’ve done, wanna do, or can’t do. What is more awkward, however, is when someone catches you talking to yourself, or laughing at a joke you were thinking about and you find your inner conversations more interesting than the ones being talked about around you.

I can’t think of anything else to say, so I’ll stop my ranking now…


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